To support residents in owning their community and taking action about solving problems and preserving quality of life. A primary aim is preservation of environmental and cultural qualities that shape our historic leadership in San Diego, an equally important objective is to provide a democratic structure by means of which, our membership can ensure we plan and provide services adequate to the needs of 80,000 people.

What is Point Loma Town Council, Inc.?

Point Loma Town Council is innovative in the way it deploys technology and the social media culture of the day. It is both an online platform for discussion of issues and a conventional form of town council elected by residents of a geographic community. Any matter can be added to the council’s agenda by any resident who chooses to poll constituents, with poll results compelling the council to action. It’s a structure in which all may participate to resolve conflicts and shape the future of their community.

The PLTC app makes it easy for residents of Peninsula communities to participate in local decision-making pertinent to their interests.

PLTC is prototypical. It’s a design that can work in any place where a conventional town council is possible. The council of democratically-elected representatives is typical of others in San Diego in the way it interacts with government to foster and enact policies and serves as a reliable source of trustworthy information for residents about issues relevant to the success of their community, flourishing of families and businesses.

Why Now?

Many people wonder why Peninsula residents haven’t already formed a town council, since every community around us organized their own long ago.

After Old Town, Point Loma is the oldest community in San Diego. For this reason, most of our history, literally, until the voters approved District elections in 1988, for all intents and purposes, the city council of San Diego was our “town council”.

District elections weakened the voice Point Loma had with the City Council. This was at a time when the city was nearly bankrupted by errors they had made, as well as their having neglected and poorly-planned infrastructure during a period of extreme growth. The antiquated Peninsula Community Plan, which currently governs land use in the Peninsula, was approved in 1987 by the last city council prior to district elections!

We now need a voice that appropriately represents our 80,000 residents in the face of impacts from development encouraged by the city and pressure of speculative developers seeking to take advantage of the Peninsula Community Plan’s out-of-date zoning that would result in a huge increase to our population with little, or no, provision for infrastructure or services.

Point Loma Town Council

1220 Rosecrans Street, Ste. 450
San Diego, CA 92106