Political History

Point Loma, California

Point Loma is the oldest community developed in San Diego after California became a State. It has remained predominantly white, middle class, with education and income significantly higher than average for the region. It has a large Portuguese community with its own issues and values. Point Loma Nazarene University occupies the oldest academic campus in the region and when developed by the International Theosophical Society, it was the heart and soul of the humanities in San Diego in the early 20th century. The theosophists planted more than 100,000 trees on the peninsula and developed the first intentionally environmentally sustainable community west of the Mississippi.

After December 7, 1941, Point Loma became a frontline of defense against invasion. A military reservation still covers most of the “point” of Point Loma. It is home to critical functions of the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet. For most of the Peninsula’s U.S. history, its residents occupied leadership roles in the city and county industry and government and Point Loma has until recently been associated with the Republican Committee. Town Councils formed in many other communities in San Diego but not in Point Loma because the Peninsula had direct access to and influence on decision-makers.

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