Helping PLTC and Ways to Donate


PLTC is a tax-exempt (501)(c)(3) Organization – Donations are tax deductible
Donations are voluntary and not required as a condition for Residential Members.

Same benefits as voting membership and:

$10 discount on PLTC t-shirt

Volunteer services and/or help on PLTC projects

Students may vote if registered to vote

Same benefits as Voting Membership, and:

Point Loma Town Council official T

Volunteer services and/or help fund PLTC projects

Invitation to annual PLTC “Wine, Dine & Dance”

Listed in gold on PLTC membership roster

Eligible for PLTC Neighborhood Leader Committee

Purchase Point Loma Town Council official T

Volunteer and/or help fund PLTC projects

Receive notices about important meetings

Support sustainable development

Reduce airport noise and traffic in neighborhoods

Learn about Point Loma’s rich cultural provenance

Join with others to preserve the environment

Same benefits as Patron Membership, and:

One Point Loma, A Complete Tour

Introductory sailing lesson

Discounts from PLTC Member businesses

Reserved Seating at PLTC Events & Concerts

(Business Members own or manage a business on the peninsula)

Same benefits as Patron Members

Advertise business at some PLTC events

Free professional service posts on PLTC website

Vote for the Commercial District representative

Display “Member PLTC” Logo on door and in advertising

Free display ad in PLTC Newsletters

Lifetime membership

Same benefits as Sponsor Membership, and:

Copies of 2 books about Point Loma history

Annual “Dinner Onboard” Event


We’re excited to receive your donation and vote of confidence, but understand you may have questions. We encourage you to contact us if you still have any outstanding questions.

Together we’ll keep the Peninsula communities a wonderful place to work and live!