Kellogg: The last Remaining Beach in La Playa

Beach Restoration

La Playa Beach has been enjoyed by succeeding generations of Peninsula residents since indigenous people used the La Playa trail to go over the hill (Loma) to the area now called, Ocean Beach and to the San Diego River delta, now called Mission Bay.

The beach has seen many developments over the years since California became a state. In the early days, a 19th century steel-making process invented by Henry Bessemer operated on the beach at the foot of Bessemer Street.

The beach east of Kellogg Street, at the border of the Spawar facility, was seriously eroded by the Navy’s construction of a rock jetty west at Kellogg Street. The hydraulic effect of the jetty produced the problem we are now seeing.

Restoration and maintenance of La Playa beach is necessary for public recreational access for everyone on the Peninsula, and, in view of rising sea levels, critical to protect properties near the shoreline from further erosion.

San Diego Port Commission is the San Diego County agency that is responsible for maintaining the quality of beaches in the Bay. But, because this erosion is a direct result of a jetty built by the Navy, both the Navy and the Port District, which permitted the Navy to build the jetty, bear responsibility for restoring and maintaining the beach, not only for coastal access, but also to protect the bay shoreline in view of rising sea levels.

Peninsula residents formed a committee, “Save Kellogg Beach”, which has focused on a proposal that seeks to develop condominiums on (or near) Kellogg Beach, a plan that includes a subterranean wall that may increase beach erosion. You may connect directly with Save Kellogg at their website:

La Playa beaches are a concern for all peninsula residents. Save Kellogg has not, as yet, focused on the problem of restoring and maintaining all La Playa beaches.

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