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Point Loma Town Council

Membership is Free and Open to All

Point Loma aims to exemplify an extraordinary, effective town council that will demonstrate the possibility and power of local autonomy. Collaborating with town councils of other communities in San Diego County, we will work together to address regional issues that affect quality of life for residents of all communities.


  • Resident Membership – Residents of Point Loma communities may become Residential VOTING members by applying for membership and showing their residence in one of our communal districts. PLTC Membership is required to vote.

  • Supporting Membership –  Non-Residents of Point Loma (those who do not live on the peninsula) are also warmly invited to participate in this experiment in local autonomy that will effectively address local and regional concerns.

Member information is CONFIDENTIAL and not shared in any way without written permission, except as provided by law for law enforcement purposes or under court order.

As a Member, You Enjoy Special Privileges

  • Receive notices about important meetings

  • Support sustainable development

  • Reduce airport noise and traffic in neighborhoods

  • Connect with neighbors

  • Learn about Point Loma’s rich cultural provenance

  • Join with others to preserve the environment

  • Preserve Point Loma nature ad community

  • Make the voice of Point Loma powerful and effective

  • Eligible to serve on PLTC committees

  • Resident Members Only – Eligible to vote for a representative for your neighborhood.

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What are you waiting for?

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We’re excited to have you join and encourage you to contact us with any questions.

Together we’ll keep the Peninsula communities a wonderful place to work and live!